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02 Mar
March 2, 2014

Firstly, normal service has been restored here – I had an issue with the virtual machine that this blog was hosted on and it’s taken a little time to get it back up to speed again.

In other news, we’ve made some changes in Siphon this year – at the start of the year, I handed over the operational reigns to a good friend of mine, Steve Ralfe, who will be taking the operations team forward from strength to strength. Passing the operational side over to Steve will allow me to focus on a different area – new products and innovation.

Siphon has from its first days focused on two types of products – market leaders with well-established and solid products like BroadSoft’s BroadWorks and the AcmePacket range of SBCs; and in the hope of encouraging new entrants in the market and bringing new and exciting products and technologies to our customers. As our customer base, product range and indeed the company itself has grown, we need to be able to dedicate more time to finding, evaluating and bringing these new products to the market and our customers. This year, we have opportunities to bring a number of new products to the market that are going to be disruptive and incredibly exciting and I’m going to be focusing on delivering these products.

This is an exciting time and I’ll be using this blog not only to provide the usual technical advice and industry analysis on our existing products but also on the new products we’re bringing to market.

Watch this space.