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31 Mar
March 31, 2016

As part of the run up to UCExpo I’m going to be taking part in my first Twitter debate this afternoon (Tweebate?). I’ll be taking over the SIPHON twitter account: @SIPHON_Networks.

Feel free to fire me your questions – the theme for the debate is going to the Future of Communications Security, which gives rise to the hashtag for this debate: #comsecfuture

"BT Wholesale seeks live TV over broadband trialists"

15 Aug
August 15, 2012

A news article was published recently on Comms Business – I say news article, but they’re almost entirely regurgitated press releases. The article was about BT Wholesale’s new trial of live TV over broadband and had the following quote:

Establishing broadband as a TV platform is an exciting development in our industry and BT Wholesale looks forward to hearing from CPs wishing to be in the vanguard of this development.

“BT Wholesale seeks live TV over broadband trialists”

Now, whilst BT is occasionally at the forefront of new technology, I’d hardly call what BT doing as being “…in the vanguard…” of anything in relation to IPTV over broadband. Tiscali have done this for some time and at my previous company, Inuk Networks, this was precisely what we did back in 2007 – Inuk has since changed hands and brands a few times but the service now operates under the CableCom name. So BT, you’re welcome to join the party and try and catch up with where the rest of the industry is going, just don’t pretend that you’re leading the pack here.